Atver acis – Patiesība par okultismu

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Open your Eyes – The Truth About Occultism („Atver acis – Patiesība par okultismu”) services take place in Latvian language in the New Generation church on Irlavas 7 Street, Riga on every month’s 4th Sunday.

Once a year, a week before Latvian pagan occult summer solstice festival Lygo (Līgo), a two day worship and prayer services take place, where the word of God is being preached against idol worship, paganism and witchcraft. In these services people confess their ancestor’s sins and receive freedom from curses. The truth sets them free!

Eva Alere hosts broadcasts called „Open Your Eyes!” („Atver Acis!”) at the Latvian Christian Radio on Mondays at 7:00 PM. Rerun can be heard on Thursdays at 11:45 PM.

Latvians from different Latvian cities and towns, different confessions, as well as prisons write testimonials and ask Eva to help and minister in these cities and pray for the land and nation to be healed from their heavy curses.

„Open Your Eyes – The Truth About Occultism” services have already taken place in Aizpute, Cesis, Kuldiga, Venstpils, Skrunda, Bauska and in other towns of Latvia. These services-seminars also covered many regions of Latgale. Many people received Jesus Christ as their Savior. Many people had evil spirits casted out of them and more got healed.

“OEva_Alere_150.jpgpen Your Eyes!” services and radio records can be obtained or ordered at the New Generation church book store on Irlavas 7 Street, Riga, Latvia.  / archive

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